Brief: design a solution focusing mainly on cargo delivery drone in a medical use case

Contest: Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge

Year: 2016

Creators - Angelica Blanco, Jesús Blanco​ and Edgar Sarmiento

Design - Angelica Blanco and Edgar Sarmiento

3D modelling - Edgar Sarmiento

Rendering - Edgar Sarmiento


Safe, easy-to-operate and affordable drone solution which can be used for many different civil applications.

This solution allows simple reconfiguration or adaptation, as it can be used – safely and effectively – for things such as agriculture monitoring, infrastructure inspection, cargo delivery, or humanitarian missions.



Brief: Design a modular office desk for an open office, using mainly steel as material.

Contest: Diseñando e innovando oficinas - Imer S.A.

Year: 2012



Design - Angelica Blanco

3D modelling - Angelica Blanco - Solidworks

Rendering - Angelica Blanco / Keyshot-3D MAX

2nd place 1.png

Twisted and Squid

Brief: Develop the next successful generation of Bref toilet rim blocks to be launched in 2020.

This means disrupting the rim block category once again by creating an outstanding new product concept that appeals to a broader, younger target group.

Project: Flush forward - Jovoto

Year: 2017

Design - Angelica Blanco

3D modelling - Angelica Blanco - Alias

Rendering - Angelica Blanco - Keyshot

Gelatinoup and triform soups


Brief: Invent a new type of soup product that would be ideal for breakfast time and as snack to perform better at a task.

Project: Make soup the next hot trend - Jovoto

Year: 2018



Design - Angelica Blanco

3D modelling - Angelica Blanco - Alias

Rendering - Angelica Blanco - Keyshot

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